Boys Indoor Track and Field is on the move. Boys Indoor Track and Field is on the move. Halo takeover in full effect. Snowdays - we gonna have any of those?

February: 2016


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Top Stories

Laws and Economics Restricting Internships

By Nick Hartunian- February '16

Internships at for-profits have become incredibly difficult to get.

Boys Track and Field

By Armstrong Noonan- February '16

dukeBoys Track and Field continued their successful season by winning FCIAC East's last week.



Halo Takeover at DHS

By Armstrong Noonan- February '16

albumIt's 2001 all over again, as the original Halo has flooded the computers all around the school. Neirad explores the sudden surge of the First Person Shooter.


Top Five Snow Day Activities

By Emily Knapp- February '16

Bored out of your mind on a snow day? Consult this list, and thank us later.




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The Revenant: Leo's Journey Complete?

By Chris Drake- February '16

iWatchIn an epic story with fantastic visuals, it appears as if DiCaprio may finally get what he deserves.

2015's Best Hip Hop Albums

By Justin Yang- February '16

the gamblerA year full of great releases, Neirad breaks down the best of 2015.


Paddle Club's Growing Following

By Cord Fox- February '16

iWatchAfter only a few years, the Paddle Club is slowly taking over. Read why it has become such an addiction to the students at DHS.

Synchronized Swimming- Alice Chidley

By Nick Hartunian- February '16

iWatchYou may or may not have questions about this sport... Well, we answer those questions anyway.

"Model" Clubs

Competitive Model UN

By Nick Hartunian- February '16

MUN has a whole competitive nature with national rankings.

Model Congress is Pwning

By Nick Hartunian- February '16

iWatchDHS Model Congress is winning like never before.


Snow Predictions

By Liliana Cullen - February '16

iWatchWill it actually start snowing soon?

Facebook vs. Instagram

By Chloe Sheehan- February '16

the gamblerThe two social media giants are incredibly popular among students, but which one is better?


Around DHS

Best Dressed Faculty

By Breana Del Gatto- February '16

The faculty and staff at DHS are pretty stylish indeed.

Dr. Nicaise: The Next Louis Pasteur

By Neirad- February '16

He is the newest Chemistry teacher at DHS, and has an incredible background behind him.

DHS New Years Resolutions

By Chloe Sheehan- February '16

the gamblerStudents and staff let Neirad know what they plan on accomplishing in 2016.

The List

The List

By The Undertaker- February '16

the gamblerKicking butt and taking names.




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