Is Trump really about to become our new President?. What is the deal with Advisory?. Mr. Sorensen is more than just your normal art teacher.... DHS has some new electives coming in 2016-2017

May: 2016


The Neirad Daily


Top Stories

Modern History: Prom Past and Present

By Madeline Ostertag- May '16

Find out about how this high school tradition started and what elements remain the same today.



Q&A With Some of the "CHEX Mix"

By Carson Halabi- May '16

dukeHave you ever wondered how the China Exchange trip really is? I spoke to five of the “Chex Mix” to describe details of their travels.


Students Grading Teachers

By Ryan Quinn- May '16

Teachers are constanly being evaluated by adminstrators throughout the school year - but should students also have a say in this evaluation?



English Advanced Placement: Is It Accurate?

By Rory Washecka- May '16

You take a certain English class- but are you really in the right place?  Click here to find out.



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Sports Traditions

By Cassidy Schiff- May '16

iWatchEspecially in sports a sense of unity is important. Check out some of the sports traditions that made teams a success.

Behind the Scene of DHS Sports Teams

By Justin Van de Graaf- May '16

afntasyEver wondered what goes on behind the scene of DHS sports teams? See what makes them so successful.


Malik's R&B Launch

By Libby Markham - May '16

oculusCheck out this Neirad review of Zayn Malik's R&B debut.



10 Cloverfield Lane: Most Thrilling Movie of the Year

By Michael Borecki- May '16

oculusDespite not being a legitmate sequel to Cloverfield, see why 10 Cloverfield Lane has earned the right to the name.

Student Life

The Realities of the Quarter System

By Jack Tierney - May '16

The rise and fall of a student throughout 4 quarters.

What We Want

By Kallie Coughlin- May '16

iWatchA collection of new stores and other venues that would make Darien a more student friendly place.

Group Writing a Novel

By Nick Hatunian- May '16

iWatchCurrent wrote a novel.





Wings, Friends, and Sports

By Justin Van de Graaf- May '16

iWatchBuffalo Wild Wings is everyhting you want in a wing joint.



Little Thai Kitchen: Spice Heaven

By Asa Briffaultl- May '16

iWatchSee why Little Thai Kitchen continues be a main stay in Darien's growing culinary landscape.




Top 10 Summer Movies

By Will Pegler- May '16

An all star lineup of movies to watch over the long summer vacation.

Baking with Buzzfeed

By Ellie Nelson- May '16

Trouble finding interesting treats to bake? Heres a list of some of the most delicious morsels off the popular site Buzzfeed.


The Best Republican is a Democrat.

By The Stimp - May '16

the gamblerLike low taxes and a small deficit? Turns out you've been voting for the wrong party all along.


I Found Another Evil Monopoly

By Upton Sinclair - May '16

the gamblerInterested in buying a diamond? Thinking again.



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