Is Trump really about to become our new President?. What is the deal with Advisory?. Mr. Sorensen is more than just your normal art teacher.... DHS has some new electives coming in 2016-2017

April: 2016


The Neirad Daily


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TV Show to Feature Haunted Weight Room Hallway

By Rory Washecka- April '16

"Ghost Hunters" to verify why eveyone gets that creepy feeling in that subterranean corridor. And they found something.



Vavala's to Serve Lunch from the Pavilion

By Wally Coughlin - April '16

dukeVavala's - it's not just on weekends any more. Beginning Friday, April 1st, the Pavillion will now be open for lunch Monday through Friday.



School Board Mandates Study Hall for 9-12

By Eli Nelson- April '16

In an effort to reduce crowds in the DHS Library Learning Commons and the "ruckus" in the Caf, Study Halls will replace free periods for all DHS'ers beginning.



State Mandate Means Final Exams for Seniors

By Caren Cirilli - April '16

The DHS Administration began today's announcements with "Don't shoot the messenger" - in accordance with new state law enacted April 1st DHS's internship will require seniors to return for final exams.



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Frogs Close Oval

By Matt Ostertag - April '16

iWatchFind out why DHS' newest residents - a rare breed of toad - are the cause behind the oveal's closure.

Winter 2016 House Basketball Cancelled

By Jill Pegler - April '16

afntasyBecause of renovations to the YMCA, House Basketball for next year is cancelled.


Ping Pong Now an Elective

By Nicole Hartunian - April '16

oculusAlthough some students are still pushing for other pong related sports.




Chipotle Bar

By Jacqueline Tierney - April '16

First Shake Shack . . . now this? Negotiations to have a Chipotle bar as a part of DHS' lunch offerings have stalled, possibly for good.

Phrases Teachers Love

By Carson Halabi - April '16

iWatchTough time breaking through that certain teacher's tough veneer? These words are guaranteed to charm the savage beast.



A Look at DHS' Best Classes

By Jane Stimpson - April '16

iWatchWe don't know what this is. No, that ain't no typo.




King of the Wasteland

By Nicole Hartunian - April '16

Senior Jimmy Odell is the King.

Dabbing Epidemic

By Samantha Hickey - April '16

A recent study has proven the health risks of dabbing. To draw attention to the health crisis, the NHI is seriously considering renaming Tennis Elbow, Dabbing Elbow.


Neirad is Moving to Canada

By Staff - April '16

the gamblerRead here to find out why.




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