What should you do this weekend? Check out BWXC's Performance at FCIACs Where can you find the best sandwiches in Darien? Justin Yang spits hot fire and lays out the best young rappers in today's music industry

November: 2015


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Favorite Vineyard Vines Shorts Color

By Nick Hartunian- November '15

I interviewed like 50 girls.

Cross Country FCIAC Recap

By Carson Halabi- November'15

dukeCheck out how Blue Wave XC did at their recent FCIAC race at Waveny Park in New Canaan.

Darien Deli Sandwiches Ranked

By Cord Fox- November '15

albumGot sandwiches? Cause the Darien delis do. But what's better: a chicken cutlet at Vavalas or BEC at Mama's? Find out here.

Best Modern Rappers

By Justin Yang- November '15

These rappers are taking over the modern music landscape. Think you know hip-hop and rap? Prepare to be schooled by the fire-spittah JYang himself.


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Apple Smart Watch: Valuable Asset or Pointless Accessory

By Armstong Noonan- November'15

iWatchA phone on your wrist sounds great... doesn't it?



Kicking and Screaming 10 Years Later

By Chris Drake - November '15

the gambler10 years after the classic movie was released, it's jokes are still funny as ever- and just as quotable. Read up on the movie's best lines and how you can use them in your everyday life.


Bernie Sanders: Why Yes

By Jonathan Stimpson- November '15

rosesFeel The Bern. Go to college for free. What's not to love about the only plausible threat to Hillary?

Trump Takeaways

By Grover Cleveland- November '15

heartWhat we can gather from Trump's announcement speech. Not counting his recent escapades.



Are Students Getting Enough Sleep?

By Ellie Nelson- November '15

Take a nap. Find out why.

High School Sports: How Intense is Too Intense?

By Emily Knapp- November '15

The Blue Wave is infamous for its sports teams. What are the pros and cons for players?

A School Without Art

By Aidan Bowman- November '15

The mural program at DHS has given the school a much more colorful vibe. Turns out, art is important for happiness.

The List

The List Part 2

By John Cena- June '15

the gamblerIt's back. And it's better than ever.






The King's Table

By Madeleine Ostertag- November '15

Thanksgiving is here: read about the history of everyone's favorite feast.

Top 5 Wild Animal Babies

By Britton Barthold- November '15

Last month Britton ranked his top 5 cutest puppies. His newest installment confirms Britton has gone soft.

The PSAT Goes Viral

By Carson Halabi- November '15

heartWhat's all the hype with the PSAT that let upperclassmen not come into school until 11am?

Great New Eatery

By Molly Bell - November '15

What's all the hype with the PSAT that let upperclassmen not come into school until 11am?